Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally broke my 187 pound curse!

Yay Scale

Hi everyone!

This is the reason I decided to make a blog.

I just had a baby two and a half months ago and gained a ton of weight.  It seems that ever since I met my husband I have gained weight like there is no tomorrow and have never looked back.  I used to weigh 145 lbs in my hey day, but then went through the freshmen 15 (it was 10 for me luckily-I was living at home still), then went through the honeymoon, eating out everyday phase when I met my babe and gained another 15 lbs!!!!  At this point I was only 160 lbs (I say only because I'm 5'9") but I was starting to get a bit round on the sides and my clothes didn't fit anymore.  I was a 12 back then.  After baby number one I gained a whopping 20 lbs.  Now size 14.  Then right before I had baby number two I gained another 10 lbs.

So there you have it.  I have been overweight for a couple of years and I could never lose more than a couple of pounds.  I tried different things but I haven't  been able to be under 187 again....until today!  Today I feel "muy chingona" because I woke up in the morning expecting to be somewhere between 187 and 191, like I had for the last two months, but walah! I am 186.2 lbs!!!! I've been trying this easy diet and exercising lightly two times a week for....well, only one week and I was able to lose that much!!! I hope it keeps on going like this.  I am expecting to lose about a pound a week and weigh 170 lbs by the end of december.   If it does go well, I'll post what I have been eating and how I've been exercising so you can try it too.

To start:

Here's a sample of what I have been eating this week:

Breakfast (never skip it!!!)

2 egg whites
1 yolk
2 strips of bacon
1/2 cup of broccoli
1 tablespoon of Ranch dressing

Snack (eat every three hours)

Atkins protein shake
1/2 apple with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese


Chicken or Tuna Salad


Low Carb Protein Bar (I recommend oh yeah bars - they taste like a real chocolate bar)


Meat and Veggies again

And.... no carbs after 4 pm

***** By the way... the scale at the top of this post is actually sold by Voluptuart.com .  It's useless of course but soooo coool!  I think it would make a great present for your conceited friend, but if you don't have one it's probably you.  Sooo buy it for yourself!

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