Friday, November 12, 2010

Should I work out if I'm sick


Howdy there!

I woke up with a cold today and had my appointment to see the personal trainer at 9 a.m.  Sometimes I feel better when I work out.  I feel as if I'm sweating out the cold.  But I've been feeling the cold coming on for about a week now and last night I only slept about 4 hours thanks to my two kids.  The two-year old likes to go to sleep late and my two-month old likes to wake up at 5 in the morning to chat.  He's so adorable but at that time in the morning I feel like giving him up for adoption...just kidding.  I would never ever do that, but I do think sometimes that I'm not really the great mother my mom was.  I never saw her sleep while I was young.  But you know what even more kudos to those moms who have a done a 180 for their kids and have went from sleeping 10 hours at night (and two in the afternoon) to only four.  And that's if you're lucky.

Ok, anyway, so I'm sick and tired and doctors across the world agree that the only way to fight a cold is to wait it out and REST.  So I did.  Ja there.  So I'm gonna take my liquids, pop a dayquil (nightquil knocks me out) and see the trainer next Monday (just to reschedule).  Who knows when I'll be working out again.  I'm pooped.  Good news though...I' still losing weight.  I went down another pound.  Yay...right on schedule!

See ya later

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