Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Losing post-pregnancy weight

So here's the deal...

I got yelled at today for eating 10 french fries.  I can eat bacon, but I can't eat french fries.  That is...during the week.  Guess what! you can cheat one day out of the week and save all of the delicious things you want to eat and eat them all in one meal!!!  So this Saturday I am planning to have my hamburger WITH the bun thank you.  I'm eating cookies and ice cream for desert too.  So what else is a good idea to eat on my cheat day? Anybody?

The diet is not that hard.  I get to eat eggs and bacon and meat and chicken and fish and lots of other good stuff.  And I don't have to eat stuff I thought was good for losing weight such as yogurt and oatmeal.  Thank God!  It turns out when I thought I was dieting before I was actually retaining the weight.  Now if they could only make cookies that are packed with protein and low on carbs, I'll be looking like Sophia Vergara in no time!!

Recommendation for today:

Stay away from fries and anything else that had to be processed in order for you to eat it... until your cheat day of course!  You have to look for things that are high in protein and low in carbs.  That is the key.

One processed food you can have though and it looks like the real thing are these protein bars that look like crunch chocolate bars but are super low in carbs.  They're called Power Crunch bars and I think you can get them at any GNC.  There's also those other bars I had already mentioned that taste like kit kats.  Those are called oh yeah protein bars.  Those are my favorite and taste delish!  I think I'm going to have one right now...

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